Hey, we are


and we love Open Source

Most of our business relies on Open Source software, and we LOVE it. We want to give something back to the community. This website will introduce us and link to the Free Services we’ve decided to share with the Community.

About Us

Founded in 2013 in Ferrara, Italy, Prodottoinrete’s mission is to make it easy and efficient to bring the products of professionals and companies to the Internet. As of 2019, Prodottoinrete merged with DragasIT and inherited its technological core. Prodottoinrete is an IT company that aims to manage IT services so that you don’t have to.

Our clients include many web agencies, and we manage important e-commerce servers for important worldwide companies, with excellent uptime and reliability records.

We manage many different services, many different OSes. Most of our setups are based on Open Source software and we actively support it.

For more information, have a look at our CEO’s Tech Blog

A small subset of the technologies we daily deal with:
  • *BSDs
  • GNU/Linux
  • Virtualization solutions
  • Docker, Kubernetes, etc.
  • FreeBSD jails
  • Ceph
  • ZFS
  • Btrfs
  • Many others…

Get in Touch

We’d love to hear from you. Our e-mail address is info@prodottoinrete.it and we’ll be glad to read your messages!